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MPG Wheelchair-Accessible Swing Gate
Security Tripod Gate
MPG Wheelchair-Accessible Swing Gate


  • Controlled access for cyclists and wheelchair users
  • Sensitive impact detection for maximum safety
  • Induction loop sensor for detection of bicycles and wheelchairs (optional)
  • Low electricity consumption thanks to maintenance-free MHTM™ drive
  • Meets European safety standards, e. g. EN 13241

For wheelchairs, bicycles and goods deliveries
MPG swing gates are the optimum solution for outdoor barriers when a large passage opening is necessary. It can be free-standing or used in combination with a MPT turnstile. The swing gate has an opening angle of 90° in both directions and can be controlled by all conventional access control systems. As an option, the swing gate can be expanded with a single- or double-sided induction loop that reliably detects the presence of bicycles and wheelchairs.

The swing gate is energy-efficient, maintenance-free and quiet thanks to its MHTM™ drive technology. Low impact forces and sensitive contact detection ensure user safety and compliance with strict European standards. With a variety of material options, interlocks and supplementary attachments, MPG swing gates can be individually adapted to the desired purpose.

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