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Transport Gate High-Security
Tripod Turnstile Gate
Transport Gate High-Security


  • Highly rigid self-supporting welded mechanical steel central frame
  • Housing in brushed 304L stainless steel. The panels are closed by flushmounted security locks
  • Clear Securit© glass obstacles “railway type” 12 mm thick, with a standard height off the ground of 1800 mm
  • Anti-intrusion obstacles
  • DIRAS: carry out the checking of the passage of users through the walkway and antifraud control
  • Safety photocells: ensure the safe passage of users between the moving obstacles
  • Each housing is fixed to the floor with an adjustable painted steel base making it possible to significantly ease installation via level corrections
  • Logic and motorisation including
  • Programmable control unit
  • Motorisation carried out by an asynchronous motor managed by a speed controller variator based on an inductive check of the position of the obstacles
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